About this course

Nephrology is the branch of medicine that specializes in the study, diagnosis, and management of diseases pertaining to the kidneys. Common disease include acute and chronic failure of the kidneys to filter blood (kidney injury), nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), acid-base and electrolyte imbalances, conditions that affect the glomerulus, and urinary tract infections.

A competent physician must have a keen eye for the clinical manifestations, both acute and chronic, of the most common conditions affecting the kidneys in order to start the proper initial management and know which conditions need to be examined by an internist or a nephrologist.

For this course, the student needs to be acquainted with the anatomy and physiology of the kidneys, the physiology of acid-base and electrolyte balance, and cell-mediated immunity.

Although it might seem challenging, a good grasp of basic concepts of nephrology aids in attaining a fuller picture of the most important systemic ailments. For example, medication-resistant hypertension may be due to a secondary cause affecting the kidneys, such as renal artery stenosis.




Amy Sussman, MD

Dr. Amy Sussman is an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Vice Chair of Education in the Department of Medicine of the University of Arizona (UA), USA.
She obtained her MD from the University of Arizona in 2001 and completed residency and a Nephrology Fellowship at the University of Washington. Dr. Sussman was recruited back to the UA in 2009 and also serves as her department’s clerkship director, and as the program director of the UA Nephrology Fellowship.
Because of her strong emphasis on medical student teaching, she has been distinguished with multiple teaching awards in the UA College of Medicine.

Video lectures

01. Renal Pharmacology – 10 VIDEOS


02. Introduction to Renal Pathology – 1 VIDEO


03. Renal Diagnostics – 4 VIDEOS


04. Diseases of the Nephron – 5 VIDEOS


05. Fluid and Electrolyte Balance – 4 VIDEOS


06. Urinalysis – 2 VIDEOS


07. Cystic Diseases (Renal Cystic Pathology) – 1 VIDEO


08. Tubulointerstitial Diseases – 1 VIDEO


09. Glomerulonephritis – 6 VIDEOS


10. (Nephrogenic) Diabetes Insipidus (DI) – 1 VIDEO




12. Nephrolithiasis – 1 VIDEO