About this course

This Course offers a logically organized, comprehensive approach to understanding the human gross anatomy of the head and neck. The study of head and neck anatomy provides a considerable intellectual challenge because the anatomy in this region deals with a large amount of very small but equally important structures. This Course consists of short and concise high yield video clips in addition to demonstrating important clinical correlations.




Dr. Craig Canby

Dr. Stuart Enoch

Video lectures

Neck Cervical Compartments Cervical Fascia Brain Nervous System

Triangles Subdivisions of the Neck Head and Neck Anatomy

Basal Ganglia Structures Intrinsic Connections Brain Nervous System

Brain Stem Components Midbrain Pons Medulla Oblangata Brain Nervous System

Autonomic Nervous System ANS Brain Nervous System

Fascial Spaces Surgical Access to Trachea Neck Head and Neck Anatomy

Thalamus Diencephalon

Thyroid Gland Head and Neck Anatomy

Thyroid Gland Head and Neck Anatomy

Cerebral Cortex Lobes Sulci Brain Nervous System

Diencephalon Components Structure Brain Nervous System

Scalenus & Trunks_ Functions & Structure – MRCS

Cranial Meninges Structures Functions Brain Nervous System

Eyeball and Retina Brain Nervous System

Cranial Nerves IVI Overview Functional Components Brain Nervous System

Visual material

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Surface Anatomy

Superficial Head and Neck

Bones and Ligaments


Nasal Region

Oral Region


Thyroid Gland and Larynx

Orbit and Contents


Meninges and Brain

Cranial and Cervical Nerves

Cerebral Vasculature

Regional Imaging

Electronic Bonus Plates