Sources of Information, Geographical Restrictions, and Disclaimers

The information shared on is compiled using proprietary data, university websites, and communication with individual programs’ advisors and administrators. We may also reference data from official government, professional, and research organizations, in which case we will cite them specifically. If you have questions or inquiries related to any of the information provided on, please contact us here.

Geographical Restrictions

Online degree programs are often subject to geographical restrictions. Some states only authorize certain colleges and programs to enroll their residents, and some online schools only accept applicants living in certain counties, states, or regions. Even in-state colleges sometimes restrict online enrollment to students living beyond a certain distance from campus; closer applicants must report to classroom-based courses. While we try to note such restrictions on, they can change at any time. Students should contact admission advisors at schools of interest directly to clarify and confirm eligibility.


Tuition Costs: Tuition costs displayed on are not guaranteed. Rates are often estimated by multiplying the total number of credits required to graduate by the respective college’s cost-per-credit. They may not account for books, fees, and other applicable expenses, or school- and program-specific residency rules. Colleges also tend to re-evaluate tuition and fees on an annual basis. Readers should contact prospective schools’ admission offices directly to verify current fees and tuition rates.

Admissions Policies: Most online degree programs establish their own admissions criteria and policies and they have different requirements from on-campus programs; therefore, students should review admissions deadlines, procedures, and requirements before applying to any specific online program. In addition, many online programs have selective admission policies and do not accept every student that applies.

Online Programs with Campus Requirements: While some online degree programs require a limited number of campus visits, travel expenses are not typically covered by tuition and fees. Students should research and consider these costs before committing to a program.

While we work hard to ensure the information we present is correct and current, programs are subject to change at any time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee all data published on is accurate. Students should contact prospective colleges directly for the most up-to-date information regarding specific degree programs, course offerings, tuition rates, admission requirements, start dates, program lengths, program outcomes, and geographical restrictions.

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