Achieve Mastery of Medical Concepts

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Comprehensive Video Library

Master important concepts with short, concise, and easy-to-follow video lessons taught by teaching experts.

Clinical Case Questions

Apply key concepts with clinical case questions and improve your confidence in actual test situations. Review concepts using in-depth text explanations, linked video lectures, and First Aid® references.

Smart Recall Quizzes

Retain key information quickly and improve your ability to recall key concepts using our adaptive algorithm, so you know exactly what you need to repeat and when.

Learning Paths

Enextcare’s pre-configured study schedules help you prepare for exams by organizing all relevant materials into customized learning blocks made just for you. Schedules are available for multiple subjects and board exams, including USMLE® Step 1, and USMLE® Step 2 CK.

Medical Concept Pages

Reinforce your knowledge on challenging concepts using Enextcare’s comprehensive Concept Pages including high-quality illustrations, video lessons, and Qbank questions – created and peer-reviewed by US-trained physicians.